Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, I've lived my life surrounded by nature and truly love exploring the outdoors in every season. I live for powder days in the mountains, sunny or rainy beach days in the summer on the shores of Cape Cod and find solitude camping with friends and running in the seasons between. I have a serious passion for cooking, nutrition and culinary culture. I moved to Boston 7 years ago and have loved diving into the lifestyle here, even though I still refuse to say "wicked". I believe everyone grows from being outside of their comfort zone and should spend a little more time there. I strongly believe in work hard play hard, and embrace any chance to travel and learn about different cultures. You're life is truly fullfilled when surrounded with those that love and support you.

Professionally speaking, I am a highly motivated marketing aficionado with 6 years experience in marketing, social and digital marketing as well as merchandising. From executing collaborations and 360 campaigns to tradeshow and event strategy, my experiences have helped to build a full portfolio for brand marketing.  I'm passionate about working for a brand and telling their story through effective communication and relationship building. Each day I exercise my skills of being entrepreneurial, energetic, confident, and personable. I love challenges and look forward to taking on something new and exciting. With three years in the outdoor/lifestyle industry and the last two in e-commmerce and retail, I'm looking to expand my career and meet new people with the same passions and interest that I have. Make sure to look at my resume and contact page to get in touch! I look forward to meeting you.